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Nicole Oring
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I've lived in So Cal my whole life and fell into the acting/modeling industry. You can catch me on TV, in theaters or in magazines/calendars. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, so I'm really excited to have you watch me shake my stuff! I also love to make custom videos, so be sure to e-mail me at and and we'll figure out a way that I can best accommodate you. Keep checking back as I'll continue to upload more stuff every week! XOXOXO

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naughtynicole booty shaking video: 14-4-2009-12-08-29-Tease.mp4 naughtynicole ass shaking video: 19-2-2009-23-44-58-Tease.mp4 naughtynicole ass shaking video: 28-1-2009-20-47-39-Tease.mp4 naughtynicole booty shake video: 27-1-2009-22-59-07-Tease.mp4 naughtynicole ass shaking video: 20-1-2009-21-25-36-Tease.mp4 naughtynicole ass shaking video: 20-1-2009-21-25-26-Tease.mp4  (Nudity)  (Nudity)  (Nudity) 1st Video